Want to thank your coach for a great season? Why a newspaper is the perfect end-of-season gift idea for your coach

A coach is the driving force of a team—volunteering their time and energy, and asking nothing but maximum effort in return. Their guidance, encouragement and motivation push us to reach our fullest potential. On and off the field. Being a coach can be one of the most thankless jobs out there. That’s why it’s important to let your coach know just how much you appreciate everything they do for you and the team.

A simple thank-you card for your coach is all the motivation they need to keep going! With personal messages of thanks for the coach from the team or parents. Are you looking for a fun and original way to present thank-you messages for the coach from parents and/or the team? Capture the best moments from the season in a homemade newspaper and surprise with this end-of-season gift idea for coaches, staff and teammates.

With Happiedays, you can create your own newspaper filled with team photos and thank-you messages for your coach to commemorate the end of a great season. Get started right away with our newspaper templates, add your own text and images, and go ahead and order! This personalized end-of-season gift idea serves to eternalize a great season in an authentic newspaper and unique thank-you card for your coach that they can flip through time and time again.

And you can always order a couple extra copies for your teammates as a fun and original memento to commemorate a great season. And the possibilities of a team newspaper are endless. So, what cannot, and should not, be missing from your team newspaper?

The ultimate end-of-season team newspaper

  • TEAM PICTURE: I mean, what else, right? The team picture. A signed team picture is a common end-of-season gift for your coach. But by adding incorporating this in a homemade newspaper, you can do so much more! Add the picture to the front page of your paper for a real eyecatcher. Even better? Have the team picture printed as a centerfold of your newspaper so you now have the perfect (removable) poster. Have you taken several pictures (or ‘winfies’) throughout the season? Then add these to your paper by creating the perfect photo-collage.
  • FINAL RANKING: Make sure to add the final ranking to your paper so it’s never forgotten. This eternalizes your (top) place in the table and tells the story of your season: number of games played, number of points earned, number of goals scored, number of goals conceded… Your coach will love looking back at these statistics when reminiscing about the season.
  • MATCH REPORT: Is there an important game that springs to mind? The finals of a cup competition? A game against your arch-rivals? Or the title-winning game of the season? Whichever it is, why not write an extensive report detailing the pre-match excitement as well as the thrills and spills of the action on the field. The excitement that comes with big games like these is what coaches live for, making a detailed match report the perfect gift idea for your coach.
  • GAME RESULTS: Have you recorded the rest of the game results too? Then add these to your paper for a fun overview of the past season. Are there any surprise results, impressive team performances or funny anecdotes that jump out? Then make sure to add these! Your coach will love reliving these personal memories and stories.
  • THANK-YOU MESSAGES: Sports are always a team effort. And by ‘team’ we mean everyone that supports you on and off the field. Coaches, management, parents and volunteers all deserve a special thank you for their unyielding engagement. Ask teammates or the captain to write a personal thank-you message for the coach, staff and supporters from the team.
  • PLAYER PROFILES & STATISTICS: Create an overview of all the players that contributed to the past season. Add a short profile for each player highlighting some of these best (personal and sporting) attributes: picture, name, date of birth, number of games played, number of goals made, voted most [… ] of the team, always ready to help a teammate [… ], and more!
  • AWARD CEREMONY: Who’s the top goalscorer? Who has played the greatest number of games? Who’s crowned Most Valuable Player? But also: Who’s the biggest party animal? Who scored the best goal in practice? Who made the most progress this season? Who’s always late to practice?
  • QUOTES FROM PLAYERS: Ask your teammates to say a few words. What were the highlights of the season? What are they looking forward to next season? Do they have any particular messages of thanks for the coach? Collect as many quotes from your teammates and add these to your team newspaper. You’ll have your coach reliving the best moments of the season time and time again.
A team newspaper is a unique thank-you card for your coach - Happiedays
A team newspaper is the perfect end-of-season gift for your coach - Happiedays