A unique invitation to a birthday party: "Everybody will be lost for words!"

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Maria could hardly believe her eyes when the birthday newspaper for her 90th birthday party came through her letterbox: "So beautiful!" The newspaper was filled with fun memories and pictures. A unique newspaper for an exceptional birthday!

The paper also doubled as an invitation to her birthday bash. A small party with all the people she holds dear. A bright spot in these challenging times of the COVID pandemic and a wonderful surprise for Maria.

Daughter Lutgart reflects on the making of this unique birthday newspaper:

“Last summer, Maria turned 90 on July 14th! A rather special birthday, especially in the midst of the ongoing COVID pandemic. At that point in the summer, things were looking up and local authorities had given the green light for throwing private events and get togethers. And we weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to celebrate this special occasion with friends and family.”

“You can’t let a 90th birthday go by unnoticed. That's why I decided to create a unique invitation for this birthday party in the form of a birthday newspaper, a paper completely dedicated to Maria. Just the thought that all those invited would receive this birthday newspaper in their letterboxes delighted her. And this unique invitation would kickstart the celebrations early and get everyone excited for the party.”

Lutgart picked out a template and filled it up with her own images and content. Thanks to this template, she was able to create a fun newspaper in no time!

"I placed a giant portrait picture on the front page and adapted the content to completely customise the design. The inside was filled with lots of pictures from the good old days as well as all the details of the invitation to her birthday party. It was super easy, original and fun to make!”

Lutgart’s hard work paid off, as all the feedback they received was unanimously positive: "Maria’s children, grandchildren and siblings all received a copy of this birthday newspaper delivered to their doorstep. What a surprise it was! Soon after its arrival, we received so many positive reactions. They’d never seen anything like it before."

And the birthday girl herself was overjoyed with this unique invitation to her birthday party. "It was endearing to witness how astonished she was by this original creation!"

birthday party invitation as newspaper - Happiedays

Even now, months after the party, we still find ourselves leafing through this birthday newspaper every now and then. “And our Maria still enjoys showing off this unique invitation that was specially made for her! We all agree that it was a fantastic edition!"